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The main objectives of the Institute include: * to contribute to the understanding of the development process and problems; * to focus on studies relating to the issue and problemof the bypassed sections and regions; * to bring integral focus of a multi-disciplinary approach in studying and resolving some of the critical issues and problems; and * to provide a forum for the interested groups in starting a continuous and meaningful dialogue on the above. Given the nature of our concerns, the Institute is a multi-disciplinary research organization. Much of our research is regarding the evolution of appropriate policies and action-programme. In our endeavour to build data base and evidence for the state policy and development action, we have been working with a wide range of national and international agencies and collaborating with a large number of scholars across the globe. On policy front, we have been interacting with various agencies of the Government of India as well as of Punjab Government. And have been actively collaborating with other like minded societies and organizations, which are working for the development of the Indian Society. The institute provides knowledge-support to different civil society’s actors and functions as a resource centre for academia, government departments, bilateral agencies, developmental NGOs and INGOs.
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