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Our mission is to fill the lacunae in the knowledge-base pertaining to issues of development of the Indian society. It takes cognizance of the macro environment, planning processes and strategies including their socio-economic dimensions and attempts to make timely interventions through research and dialogues. Particular attention is given to the study of the micro-processes, the failure of trickledown effects of growth, direct public intervention such as through poverty reduction and employment generation programme, and participatory efforts of voluntary organizations with respect to the marginalized sections of the society. Our specific concern relates to regional issues specially relating to Punjab. The institute, founded by Dr. Gursharan Singh Kainth, as its director had the are distinction of having a thinker, administrator and a leading economist, Dr. Rajinder Singh Bawa as Chairman of its Advisory Council. Currently, leading visionary and well know educationist, Sardar Amar Singh Kanwal is the Patron-cum-Chairman of the Governing body of the institute, who is also the President of the society. The institute is presently housed in the rent free accommodation provided by the society treasurer, Sardarni Gujinder Kaur. The institute is likely to grow step by step with the earnest efforts of its dedicated team of research, library, administrative and other staff in building up an environment conducive to research, education, development, consultancy and training activities.
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